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  • 第一次生日會舉辦成功,康樂組準備不少食物, 蛋糕及禮物為6月份壽星慶祝,各同事都玩得好開心。
    It is the first time for holding the birthday party in June, there had lucky draws and cakes for our stars of the month.

  • 於6月第一次舉辦運動日,多謝各同事支持。
    It is our first time of sport day.

  • HRT Department posted

    Salary of November will be released to front-line staffs on 7 Dec.

  • HRT Department posted

    Salary of October will be released to front-line staffs on 6 Nov.

  • HRT Department posted

    MSS has adopted a new method of sending the latest annual leave balance by SMS to staffs on 20 October 2020.